Modern Washing Machines

Published: 08th October 2007
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The washing machines are known to use water and detergents to clean the laundry, as opposed to dry cleaning, the other means of cleaning the dirty clothes or towels, which employ other chemicals. The history of washing is as old as the history of mankind. However, people used their own hands to clean the clothes, which took up a lot of time and energy. The very first washing machine was issued in 1691, and up till the discovery of the electricity in 1930, the washing machines were powered by a gasoline engine.

The very first Laundromat opened its gates in Texas, in 1934, and was a success, giving way to other Laundromats opened in the entire U.S. and worldwide. After the 1930s, the design and technology of the washing machines has improved a great deal. The automatic washing machines also appeared. This was first front loading and from 1947, the top loading washing machines were introduced by General Electric. As a matter of fact, this machine contains a lot of a washing machine from nowadays. The modern washing machines are front and top loading machines. The top loading washing machines are usually smaller and have around the same capacity as the front loading machines, but these are space saving devices, ideal for homes that lack the space for large machines.

The top loading washing machines work easily, by introducing the clothes in a hole on the top of the machine, being deposited in a perforated recipient with water retaining tube and an agitator that will spin the clothes in the recipient. The top door is closed and the water invades all the laundry and spins it for a certain amount of time. However, the top loading washing machines are not recommended to wash bigger items such as pillows or sleeping bags as these tend to float and will not be cleaned properly. For these, a front loading washing machine is recommended. Also, delicate fabrics such as lace and silk are better off if not cleaned in a washing machine. However, the washing machines were a great invention of the mankind and made things a lot easier for everyone, so no one needs to waste time on hand washing anymore.

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