The Advantages Of Cross Training Shoes

Published: 30th October 2007
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Cross training shoes meet the basic comfort, cushioning, stability, and durability requirements of many popular sports and activities. They are an economical choice.

Cross-trainers allow you to buy a single pair of athletic shoes for a variety of uses. The outsoles of cross-training shoes are wide and stable to provide lateral support and stability.

If your foot tends to roll inwards or probate the wide base of support may help reduce that tendency. Most cross-trainers have fairly durable outsoles to allow them to go from the gym to the street or tennis court. Outsoles will typically be made of extremely durable carbon rubber or a combination of carbon rubber and blown rubber, a softer, lighter, more flexible outsole compound.
The Cross training shoe offers a moderate amount of cushioning, primarily at the heel and forefoot of the shoe. Cushioning is usually fairly durable and dense, which enhances the shoe's overall stability. Many cross-training shoes have leather uppers, which are designed to provide more ankle support. Some uppers combine leather and lightweight, breathable, synthetic mesh. All-leather cross trainers provide greater stability but are less breathable than those that feature mesh as well. Secure Lacing System is look for secure lacing systems to keep the foot stable and secure during lateral movements.
These shoes are showcases a leather upper that provides a great foot climate increasing over all comfort. The outsoles are made up of a non-marking rubber and flex grooves that deliver optimum forefoot flexibility, while shoes inserts offer comfort and shock absorption. This shoe Channels allow the shoe to bend & flex properly with the natural motion of the foot. Hidden hillier lacing system products shoes for a clean toe down look. Maximizes heel protection and stability, located under the heel providing extra protection from harmful impact forces.
At a mere 22 ounces for a pair of size 9 shoes, these cross-trainers are significantly lighter than most others. Hydrophobic, fast-drying nylon mesh uppers are highly breathable; minimal synthetic leather and polyurethane overlays offer structure and support. This single-pull Quick Light webbing lace system shoes uses light but strong webbing to disperse load and alleviate pressure often found with conservative laces. This webbing lace wraps around heels to lock feet in place and secure with an Anosmatic positive-lock cam buckle for unique single-handed adjustability. These CoolMax shoe linings in heels wick moisture dry quickly and breath well, letting you enjoy the benefits of cool, dry feet.
This D3 foot beds have Orthoclase polyurethane foam for slow-reaction cushioning and dual-density EVA for shock dispersion and rear foot stability. This Foot beds are then topped with ETC material to reduce friction and limit heat generation. Lightweight, compression-molded EVA missiles provide shock absorption and cushioning comfort. Outsole-integrated thermoplastic urethane shanks and arch supports offer midmost stability and tensional rigidity. These nonmarking rubber outsoles with cross-directional lug pattern offer optimal traction in the forefeet and braking in the rear. Self-cleaning 2.5mm outsole lugs provide a balanced ratio of surface contact to tread depth for both bite and nonsolid traction.

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